The Doctor Who Experience




So as I am a massive nerd & live in the UK it would be rude not to take a trip to Cardiff, Wales to The Doctor Who Experience.

I have been a fan of the show since I was a child & since its revival in 2005 its fandom has exploded into the main stream even giving birth to the uber fans known as Whovians!

This has made Cardiff a tourist hot spot for Whovians from all over the world with many of the locations used in Doctor Who & in the spin-off Torchwood can be visited by fans.To go with this boom the BBC have built The Doctor Who Experience right on the bay.


From the outside the Doctor Who Experience looks like a large aircraft hanger where you sit in reception waiting for you slot to be called .

when it is your time you are sent on a interactive adventure in the T.A.R.D.I.S  with challenges to collect crystals  , you have to go from world to world collecting crystals and even end up on Scaro with a group of Darleks!!


Once you have completed the crystals you are sent into the heart of this large complex which has 2 floors jam packed with props and memorabilia from the show!

As we walked in we saw T.A.R.D.I.S consoles from various seasons and even a K9 , however the upper floor was where the cool stuff was with plenty of Darleks, T.A.R.D.I.S parts and even a Face of Boe but one of my favorite parts was a line of Cybermen ranging from the 1st up to the ones we know today.

I found this to be a must visit for any Who fan and was great whether you started watching the 1st Doctor or the last .


On the way out they have their own gift shop so if you need a new sonic screwdriver or two you can pic one up no problem.


Having finished our day at the Doctor Who Experience we found it only fitting to go for food at the Eddie’s Diner in Cardiff Bay used in the 2011 episode The Impossible Astronaut which finished our day perfectly.




Thanks for reading , please note all pictures are my own and taken by me






The Harry Potter Experience – A Spellbinding Day

The wizarding world that is Harry Potter is a world we all wish we could step into, so when I found out that The Harry potter Experience was going to be in Brussels at the same time as me I thought I have to go see this .

The Harry Potter Experience is a exhibition that travels from country to country with props from the films that were once in the London’s Wizzarding World of Harry Potter.

On my way i was so excited I nearly fell off my new Nimbus 2000.

As I entered we were admitted in groups to a room with a real life sorting hat !!!
selected people from the group (mainly children) were sorted into houses before entering the main exhibition.

the exhibition halls were filled with more goody’s than the room of requirement !! Not only were there outfits worn by the cast members but there was also plenty of cool items like the golden egg from the Goblet of Fire , and the Boggett turned into the clown jack in the box from the Prisoner of Askaban. But the thing that got my excited was the amount of interactive things there was to do .
the first thing I tried was to pull up my own Mandrake which actual cried when it was pulled up but it got better , the next room had Quiditch which I was amazing at if I do say so myself i even think I could make the team next year.

the best interactive but was the Hagrids hut walk through complete with dragons egg on the kitchen table and Hagrids chair you can pose for a selfie in.

To Finnish the tour you walk through the doors to the Great Hall leading out .

I loved every second of the exhibition and made me feel like a big kid all the way around .

The only downside is that this exhibition moves around so if you get the chance then check it out and it will leave you feeling spellbound.

There and Back Again the Tolkien Trail

As I am one of the biggest nerds in the world, I decided to go and check out the Tolkien trail in the heart of Birmingham.

J.R.R Tolkien lived in Mosley in the West Midlands for most of his youth and many places within Birmingham and the Black Country were the inspiration for most of Tolkien’s fantasy world, Middle Earth.

The fist stop was The Shire Country Park which is only a small park with a winding river running through it. It was easy to see how this place inspired such a small peaceful land.

The Shire Country Park was located opposite Sarehole Mill where Tolkien often got chased away by the old miller who once ran it, this is now a museum and located within the grounds was a quaint little tea room and 2 steel models of the two towers that were the inspiration for the tower of Isengard and Sauron’s tower in Mordor . On the side of the mill there is a mall blue plaque commemorating Tolkien and the Tolkien Trail.

After a good walk round we decided it was time to eat and just down from the mill we found the perfect place, The Hungry Hobbit Cafe! This small cafe was decorated with everything Lord of the Rings or Hobbit and offered a vast menu including baguettes, all day breakfasts including the Big Hobbit Breakfast and much more.

Feeling refreshed with full tummy’s we pressed on to Mosley Bog!

 photo squirrel_zpsookuantg.jpg

The bog was the inspiration for the Great Forrest in Middle Earth and It wasn’t hard to see why. The bog was a large nature reserve with boardwalk trails and off the beaten track trails which was perfect for everyone from dog walkers to wannabe Hobbits.

In a few weeks I plan to do the rest of the trail located near Edgbaston and I truly cannot wait to see what else this trail has to offer!